Services We Provide

Electronic Medical Claims Filing & Appeals
Patient Billing & Collections
Insurance Reimbursement Analysis
Updating ICD9-CM and CPT Coding
Consulting for Provider Office Billing, Policy,
Procedure, and Protocol
Contact Information: DEBRA BAUGHN
Telephone:  (719) 260-1496, Fax:  (719)
532-9576 and Email:
Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado

26 years experience in medical billing.
Extensive knowledge in Medisoft Billing
Software and electronic claims processing.  
Specialty areas included, but not limited to:

>Family Practice
>Internal Medicine
>Massage Therapy
>Pain Management
>Physical Therapy
Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing:

Increased Cash Flow and Decreased Turnaround Time
98% acceptance of all claims
No expense of paid vacations, sick leave, or turnover
Increased staff productivity through less paperwork and
follow up of claims
Reduction of expenses related to medical software
updates, computer expenses and repairs, paper forms,
postage, phone calls, etc.
Complete confidentiality and security (HIPPA compliant)
Free up valuable staff time to deal with patient care
In today's economy, it is not practical for a small provider
office to hire an experienced full time medical billing
manager; this is the reason I started my business in 1997.  
By utilizing my services, you receive the benefits of an
experienced billing manager without the expense of a full
time employee.
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